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What is the intuition behind diagnosis of Hyponatremia?

I am a first year medical student and my textbook of biochemistry under the heading of sodium under the section minerals barely touched upon hyponatremia... You are too impatient, everything will ...
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Is there a nonchronic disease with similar effects to lungs like those of emphysema?

Yes, damage to the alveolar walls or the reduction in surface area for gaseous exchange can be reversible. Additionally, acute (non-chronic) conditions can cause these circumstances. For example, in ...
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How much more Toxic is Ammonia than Urea?

Probably the easiest way to compare them is to look at their material safety data sheets (MSDS). The MSDS for urea lists its LD50 as 8471 mg/kg, so it's not very toxic stuff. The US Occupational ...
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