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Yes, Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease is an example. In Creutzfeldt–Jakob, a spontaneous misfolding of a protein in the brain gives rise to a prion. A prion is a misfolded protein that is able to 'transmit' its pathological shape onto the normal variant of the same protein. The disease progresses as more and more proteins become misfolded. This is known as sporadic ...


This is typically done by epidemiological modelling (often compartment models) and I wouldn't say there is any one "gold standard" approach but rather a collection of approaches: simpler models have the benefit of having fewer free parameters to fit but the simplifying assumptions may lead to systematic errors, more complex models have the benefit ...


Activity 2 carries more risk of transmission : talking is associated with more droplets being exhaled in the room's air. However, Activity 1 cannot be considered as completely devoid of droplet generation. This article published in Nature gives informations on aerosol transmission

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