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Are medical units pertaining to blood-tests, etc. standard/universal? Or vary from country to country?

While the measured quantities are the same across border, both names and units can vary. The main difference is often the unit used for the concentration of each analyte : either mass per volume or ...
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Why doctors have different opinions and diagnosis for the same patient?

People are more complicated than machines. First, imagine a condition like "high blood pressure" or "underactive thyroid." It's not just a case of measuring one number about you and comparing it to ...
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Why do some General Practioners not consider Fibromyalgia as a genuine, real auto-immune disorder?

Medicine, more than almost any other discipline, requires continuing education through the entire career. It changes rapidly, and whatever a doctor was taught 20 years ago in med school, or even 10 ...
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How is PCOS officially diagnosed?

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is compound entity. It means that if you want to diagnose PCOS, the complaints (less frequent cycles, acne etc.) are not sufficient - you have to prove both the ...
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Do US students take USMLE exams of the same content like IMG (foreign) doctors?

Do US students take USMLE exams of the same content like IMG (foreign) doctors? Yes, they do. Is it true that American students take USMLE separated in subjects not a as a whole set of 300 ...
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Who decides the "normal" values for blood count?

Generally these decisions are "made" by work groups of specialists in the field. Your question is very general. There are so many measurements that can be done from blood samples that there is no way ...
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What is injected into the IV to wake a patient up from general anesthesia?

I do know that something can be injected into a patient's IV to wake them up immediately from general anaesthesia. That's not how it works. Many anaesthetics only work for minutes at best. A normal ...
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Are influenza vaccinations the same worldwide?

There's one vaccine composition for the southern hemisphere and one for the northern hemisphere each year. The WHO publishes the composition recommendations. For example, the composition for the 2019/...
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