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"Uterine Disease" in 1880

Uterine disease in this case is an umbrella term for psychiatric disorders associated with women at the time and thought to be caused by disorders of the female reproductive system. You may be ...
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Using inequalities to determine numeric QALY values

The paper you've linked is very much "in the weeds" of the details of this type of analysis. It's assumed that people reading it understand how time trade off (TTO) experiments are run. Here'...
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Why are diagnostics based on the microbiome so slow to adopt?

I've been following microbiomes since they first began to be discussed, and remember the first fecal transplant done for treatment of C. diff. Now it's a common enough treatment. But when an average ...
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What is the intuition behind diagnosis of Hyponatremia?

I am a first year medical student and my textbook of biochemistry under the heading of sodium under the section minerals barely touched upon hyponatremia... You are too impatient, everything will ...
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