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Is frequent steaming of the face (like in a sauna) an effective way to open up skin pores and detox? Hydrogen Peroxide prevent acne?

For those who suffer from acne -- is frequent exposure to steam an effective way to keep the skin clean? My understanding is heat opens up the skin-pores, and the skin pores are better able to detox,...
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Best way to heavy metal detox

What is the most effective way to detox from heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic that are an unfortunate part of the post-industrial era we live in now. Do we even need to? I'm not talking about ...
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Is it healthy to fast for a full day once a week? [closed]

I heard that fasting once a week gives some rest to our digestive system and allows it to refresh. I tried this twice, but it gave me a headache and made me feel uneasy. Is it good for health? Will ...
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Does sweat expel toxins?

The internet is full of websites and people saying "sweating is a good way to expel toxins." An example is this website. What is the truth behind this claim? For the scope of this question, toxins ...
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Is hydrogen peroxide therapy (drinking it) safe?

I've found some sites which claim that drinking hydrogen peroxide is "very" healthy for detoxification of the body. But these sites lack credible references. As far as I remember from secondary ...
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