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How far away from a highway should I live to avoid negative health effects?

To answer this question you would need to find the source of the information. I found the study mentioned in the article in the Toronto Star (Chen, et al. 2017); and while studying risks of dementia, ...
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Parkinson's Disease and Pesticides

Yes (ish), this meta-analysis proved a strong correlation between exposure to pesticides and likelihood of developing Parkinson's. Note, there is no direct X level of exposure leads to Y likelihood, ...
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Dementia in late 30s, early 40s? Tests?

Before answering your question, let’s first discuss some essential points: What is dementia? As soon, somebody has “memory problems”, a diagnosis of “dementia” comes in mind. However, the definition ...
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How far away from a highway should I live to avoid negative health effects?

There are many factors to consider. The pollution level (and risk) depends on at least the following: typical wind direction during rush hour density of trees between you and the road elevation ...
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Is a doctor treating a family member with dementia an AMA ethics violation?

There's nothing inherently unethical about treating a friend or family member. However, the AMA recommends against it for other reasons: When the patient is an immediate family member, the physician’...
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Is Alzheimer's disease determined by genes or lifestyle and diet?

In short: Alzheimer's disease (AD), in most cases, is not hereditary. You can decrease the risk of having AD by maintaining healthy weight and regular physical activity. There is insufficient ...
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Parkinson's Disease and Pesticides

Not directly about pesticides but I have years ago read that Parkinson's is post-Industrial Revolution disease -- that is, it started to be observed once coal started to be used in large quantities ...
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What is the general prognosis for a patient with an inoperable hip fracture?

No one can tell you what is going to happen to a patient exactly, because every Patient is different. However, the risk are: Mayo Clinic A hip fracture can reduce your future independence and ...
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