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Did science backtrack regarding coffee causing dehydration?

Why it has been long assumed that caffeine or coffee is dehydrating? Because caffeine is a mild diuretic - it stimulates water excretion through the kidneys. But the amount of water you consume with ...
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Is high blood pressure ever a symptom attributable solely to dehydration?

Dehydration usually would result in hypotension (low blood pressure) and reflex tachycardia (rapid pulse) due to decreased circulating blood volume. But depending on several factors, including the ...
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How does poor sleep cause circles under one's eyes?

These dark circles can likely be attributed to vascular network prominence caused by hollowing of the contents of the orbital rim, pigmentary changes in the periorbital area caused by extravasated ...
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What is the correct way to use the pinch test for dehydration?

According to Healthline the skin sould bounce back within a second or two. The pertinent passage is: When you pinch the skin on your arm, for example, it should spring back into place with [sic] a ...
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Should I continue fasting if I have diarrhea?

Fasting, at least in Islam, means no water intake during the fast. The Islamic purpose of not allowing even water is to remind one that one should not take for granted the gifts of life. So, the ...
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If alcohol and coffee are both diuretics -- why do so many intoxicated ppl drink coffee to sober up? Dehydration concern.

No, nothing will "sober up" a drunk; only time does that. What coffee does is provide caffeine, a stimulant. The stimulant effects will increase alertness, but they will do nothing for perception, ...
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How to deal with dehydrating medicine

Excessive urination (more than 3 liters of urine per day) is medically called polyuria. Causes include: Excessive drinking Taking diuretic pills Diabetes mellitus Diabetes insipidus due to various ...
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Rehydrate & avoiding dehydration without excessive urination?

When hydrating, it is important not only to consume enough fluids, but also to ensure that you are replenishing electrolytes and minerals in your body. This will help you to hydrate yourself more ...
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(Why) does hot water dry our skin more?

"water of really any temperature does that if I'm not mistaken" Sorry but you are mistaken. Water temperature is an important factor in dissolving lipids. You can ask anyone who washes dishes ...
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How to mitigate thirst

If thirst mitigation is your goal, then you should focus on what food and drink you SHOULDN'T take beforehand. This includes anything salty (chips, soups), diuretics (coffee, alcohol), and sugary ...
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