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Is Pentasa an immunosuppressive drug?

Pentasa is one brand name for a drug called mesalazine (or mesalamine). While immunosuppressant drugs are often used on the management of Crohn’s disease, this is not one of them. It is in a group of ...
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It is well known that cigarette smoking makes Crohn's disease worse. Is it the nicotine or the toxins, or both?

As suggested by one small human study and one study in mice, nicotine might improve Crohn's disease in the colon but aggravate Crohn's disease in the small intestine. Nicotine Enemas for Active ...
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Ulcerative Colitis Disease Activity

N.b. My institution does not have access to this journal and the upload you made has since been deleted There are a number of ways of scoring the severity of ulcerative colitis on endoscopy; there ...
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MRI scans for diagnosing Crohn's disease?

As far as I know MRI scans are mainly used to assess the location and extent of crohn's disease manifestations and crohn's associated complications (strictures, fistulas, wall thinkening). MRI is ...
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How can people supplement minerals when they have IBD?

Supplementation of vitamins and minerals in the context of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) should be specific to existing deficiencies in each patient (1). There is little evidence in this context ...
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Crohn's or Koch's disease

The doctor should be able to differentiate between these two diseases. Crohn's: GI inflammatory disease Diagnosed through blood tests and/or stool sample and/or GI procedures (colonoscopy, endoscopy....
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Crohn's Disease - detection when in remission

The first line of investigation for diagnosis of Crohn's disease is endoscopy (gastroduodenoscopy and ileocolonoscopy). Endoscopic remission (healing of mucosal lesions) does not necessarily correlate ...
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