Natural Ways to quit Smoking Candy and Gum. Sucking candy or chewing gum can occupy your mouth and time much the same as cigarettes. Even lollipops can help. The flavor of the gum keeps the mouth fresh, making smoking less attractive. The act of chewing relieves the desire for oral stimulation and keeps the mouth busy. The cool, tingly feeling ...


Salt cravings can be a sign of adrenal insufficiency or Bartter syndrome[1], so you should probably see a doctor and get checked out. If you have neither of those things, then you need to learn reduce your salt intake. It is not a symptom of high blood pressure or diabetes. (Some of your coworkers have their causes and effects mixed up.) But it can cause ...


If you are experiencing cravings as a vegetarian you might try supplementing some of the most common deficiencies in the unplanned vegetarian diet. Such as: Vitamin B12 Omega 3 (2 supplements - DHA (algae) and ALA (flax seed oil) Vegetarian protein with a complete amino acid profile

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