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Are cotton ear cleaners safe to clean the ear wax?

No, they just make earwax problems worse by compacting the wax and pushing it further into the ear canal. You can buy ear drops containing carbamide peroxide that will dissolve excess wax safely. No ...
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pouring honey in nose for sinus infections

Actually I claim being the first one - about 30 years ago when I was a teenager I had the idea to cure my sinus infection by honey. Tried once, had similar burning result as you did, and an allergic ...
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How does one effectively/safely clean-out or wash their belly button to prevent omphalolith-umbolith (navel stones)?

I had never heard of these things and never had them. I had to find out what they are and came across an article in Volume 21 - Issue 7 - July 2013 edition of The Dermatologist. The article says ...
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pouring honey in nose for sinus infections

For nasty sinus infections, which are generally bacterial, "fighting the bacteria with lots of sugar" seems like a very bad idea to me. Viral sinusitis generally resolves within a few days - it's ...
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