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Should chronic low cortisol be treated if the patient has no symptoms?

The disease associated with low cortisol is known as adrenal insufficiency (so-called because the adrenal glands are responsible for cortisol production). Morning cortisol is not a definitive test for ...
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What is the difference between vasoconstriction and contractility?

Although the term "contractility" can refer to contraction of any muscle, including skeletal muscle (e.g. biceps) and smooth muscle (e.g. muscles in arterial walls), in medicine contractility usually ...
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How quickly does ACTH deficiency cause adrenal gland atrophy?

Some Endocrinology The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis can be summarised in this diagram, with the hormones released at each level creating a negative feedback loop with the level above. ...
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Does intermittent fasting (without calorie reduction/increase) cause an increase in cortisol levels?

In short, compared with complete fasting, intermittent fasting results only in a minimal increase in plasma cortisol levels. Cortisol increase in INTERMITTENT FASTING: Effects of eight weeks of time-...
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Does elevated potassium lead to elevated cortisol?

National Institutes of Health - Health Professionals Fact Sheet on Potassium Dietary potassium In healthy people with normal kidney function, high dietary potassium intakes do not pose a health risk ...
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Why might excessive drinking produce a false hypercortisolism reading in a urinary free cortisol (UFC) test?

Most of the cortisol entering the kidney is reabsorbed by the proximal tubule; only a small amount escapes and is eventually excreted in the urine. When large amounts of fluid is taken, the re-...
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Hyposecretion of cortisol lead to depressed immune system?

Paraphrasing your question: How can a lack of cortisol apparently have the same effect as a surplus thereof? The book you refer to is a textbook listing symptoms of Addison's disease, without any ...
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What is the relationship between cortisol and depression?

TL;DR There isn't really a scientific consensus. There appears to be a connection between cortisol and depression, but cortisol anomalies appear neither necessary nor sufficient for depression The ...
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Is it possible to reduce stress by directly reducing cholestrol intake?

No. It is not possible "that reducing cholestrol would lead to a direct, causational decrease in cortisol production?" There is a little and a bigger flaw in this thought. Cholesterol is not "bad" ...
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Bio identical cortisol and metformin

This study was examining the effects of metformin on hormone levels responding to hypoglycemia. It found that metformin did not significantly alter the body's hormonal response to hypoglycemia in ...
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Does elevated potassium lead to elevated cortisol?

"Does potassium really raise cortisol? Are there any published research articles confirming this?" My google search "effects of potassium intake on cortisol" brought up: Dreier et ...
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