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Why do corticosteroids harm COVID-19 patients?

One of the primary purposes of corticosteroids is to suppress immune activity and inflammation: that's exactly why they are used in asthma. Of course the immune system has an actual job besides ...
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Why are corticosteroids not used in the treatment of pneumonia?

It would seem that the evidence is that (injected) corticosteroids don't help much unless the disease is severe (septic shock) and/or has a high inflammatory response, in which case there is some ...
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Why do corticosteroids harm COVID-19 patients?

The Lancet article you referenced in your question answered the questions you asked. In the trials of high dose corticosteroids used to treat SARS patients Corticosteroids use was: not associated ...
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What is the relationship between cortisol and depression?

TL;DR There isn't really a scientific consensus. There appears to be a connection between cortisol and depression, but cortisol anomalies appear neither necessary nor sufficient for depression The ...
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