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The main way COVID19 spreads (according to experts) is either droplets (short distance, <6ft. short duration, <5 seconds from emission) OR aerosols (long distance, 20ft+, whole room. long duration, >60minutes) Unfortunately, as of July 2020, we still don't know. WHO has updated their modes of transmission:


A potential "ideal" experiment is a small, non-ventilated room. A known infected person is in that room for an hour or two. That person leaves and 5 minutes later a susceptible person (or persons) enter and stay in the room for several hours. (This is not ethical, since it's not okay to knowingly make someone sick. It'd be nice to say CDC says it's ...


The 2020 study {1} found that dogs can detect COVID-19 with a sensitivity of 82.63% and a specificity of 96.35%: The dogs were able to discriminate between samples of infected (positive) and non-infected (negative) individuals with average diagnostic sensitivity of 82.63% (95% confidence interval [CI]: 82.02–83.24%) and specificity of 96.35% (95% CI: 96.31–...


As to your title question, I'm not aware of "data" but intuitively the effectiveness of a mask (as defined by the mask's ability to filter or capture) should be the same regardless of the environment. A mask rated at 95% will filter out 95% regardless of the concentration present outside the mask.


The transmission of a disease from an animal to humans is called zoonosis. And researchers have found out that COVID 19 was transmitted to humans via bats. These viruses enter into the human system via various ways:- When an infected animal bites the human When a human has cracked skin and comes in contact with potentially infectious fluids of animals such ...


Yes, corona virus does stay on the floor, and the reason can be, one's shoes. An interesting study In this study, we tested surface and air samples from an intensive care unit (ICU) and a general COVID-19 ward (GW) at Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, China The rate of positivity was relatively high for floor swab samples (ICU 7/10, 70%; GW 2/13, 15.4%), ...

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