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Can I continue to eat a cereal my cat ate out of?

This really isn't any different from asking if it is safe to share food with another person after watching them eat from the same bowl. If you have a weak immune system, as with anything else, it is ...
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Transmission of helicobacter pylori

Yes, you could possibly become infected through sharing utensils. https://publichealth.arizona.edu/outreach/health-literacy-awareness/hpylori/transmission H. pylori is commonly transmitted person-...
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How to clean a dental pick which has not been used in a long time?

Unless there have been animals around it recently, it's unlikely there are any viruses on it. As for bacteria, or more specifically bacterial spores, wet heat is a far better sanitizer than alcohol. A ...
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Would a paper towel cause a specimen to be flagged as "adulterated"

A bit of paper towel won't have any effect on a urine sample. People try a great many things to adulterate urine specimens: dilution, adding bleach, taking diuretics, adding lye, you name it, it's ...
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