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How to reduce the side effects of wearing contact lens?

Questions 1-2 Unfortunately, the answer to these depend on the exact brand and line of contacts used. For example, here is a long list of silicon hydrogel lenses, and how long they last. Here is ...
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Is it ok to not wash a contact lens?

Much like you probably won't catch a cold every time someone sneezes on you, you also most likely won't get an eye infection every time you neglect contact lens hygiene. We all did it at some point, I'...
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What effects would aspheric contact lenses have on eyes without astigmatism?

A toric lens is the type that is used to treat astigmatism, not an aspheric lens. An aspheric lens is primarily designed to correct for the spherical aberration of the contact lens itself, the ...
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Why are there different perscriptions for glasses and contacts? Help me see eye to eye on this

Partly the additional sizing information required for contacts (Diameter and curvature of the cornea are needed for contact lenses but not for glasses) and the power also changes because the physical ...
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Contiuously wearing the same contact lens - ok?

Generally, wearing the same pair of contact lenses longer then 6-12 months can cause increased risk of infection, as your biggest concern. Sleeping with contact lenses in has a similar risk, as ...
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Do monthly contact lenses have to be discarded 30 days from opening them even if they haven't been used?

From this FAQ (question 37): Does monthly contact lens mean 30 wears? Monthly disposable contact lenses should be thrown away precisely 30 days after opening the blister pack, regardless of the ...
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Contiuously wearing the same contact lens - ok?

In optometry, "Continuous Wear" of contact lenses is a term used to refer to FDA approval of a contact lenses for wear continuously up to 30 days, then removing them for at least a full night of rest. ...
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