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Dietary Interactions that cause Constipation

The major dietary causes are not enough water and not enough fibre. (See the Risk Factors section of this Mayo Clinic article, which focuses on medical causes of constipation.) There's nothing ...
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Effect of laxatives on pre-existing hard stool

Hard stool that stays in the colon for more than a couple of days is called "fecal impaction." Most medical sources recommend treating it with manually removing the stool (by a doctor, if necessary) ...
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Lactulose and dental decay

This saccharide is of very minute risk, absolutely, and even more so if compared with glucose, fructose or saccharose. Two reasons: Caries is the result of microbiota producing acids which dissolve ...
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Interested in how these particular supplements work together

SE Health is not meant for personal advice. Only your doctor can answer this question based on an evaluation of your medical conditions, medications, allergies, and physical exam. What I can do is ...
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Why are cooked carrots not recommended during constipation?

Cooking in general decreases the insoluble dietary fiber contents and increases the soluble fraction. I guess this is the theoretical basis for the claim(s) regarding cooked carrots (and other cooked ...
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What medications (whether prescription or OTC) or home-remedies are used for stool-softeners or laxatives (to counteract constipation)?

This is not a medical recommendation, you should speak to your doctor. Generally speaking, paraffin oil, lactulose syrup and dietary fiber supplements are common OTC medications for constipation. It ...
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