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What is the meaning of doubling of bioavailability?

1. Measure blood concentration over time through IV administration First you need to administer a drug in a manner that has 100% bioavailability, or completely enters the systemic circulation. This ...
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Concentration of an antibiotic in blood with time: How different is it between different persons?

In professional terms, you're asking about pharmacokinetics - what fate does a drug have once administered and how fast does it get there. Yes, for some drugs, the goal is to keep a roughly steady ...
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Eating ice-cream for breakfast may improve mental performance & alertness? Legit?

That study does indeed exist, and several outlets (1, 2, 3, 4) refer to it. It was conducted by Yoshihiko Koga, a japanese psychiatrist and professor at Kyorin University. It was originally cited, but ...
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How long does it take for iron supplements to start improving energy levels? Is it instant or gradual?

Ferritin levels of 21 ug/L are on the extreme lower edge of the normal range. You can think about iron stores as follows. A healthy person will have iron stores of a few grams. Since iron is present ...
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why does having a bad cold make thinking harder

well once I woke up that was easy to find These short-term declines stem from temporary changes in the brain rather than cold or flu symptoms themselves, he said. Seasonal viruses reduce mental ...
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why does having a bad cold make thinking harder

It may be caused by excessive energy used to defeat the viruses or adverse bacteria-the triggers of cold and flu. Your body lacks enough energy to operate the physical activity, which affects the ...
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Brain performance suppliments

In addition to Narusan's comment on exercise, it's important to consider diet too. Sometimes a lack of concentration and mental alertness can result from lower-than-usual energy levels, which can in ...
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