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Effects of masturbation on Health

Short Answer Masturbating does not decrease fertility or sex drive Long Answer Historically, masturbation was discouraged for a variety of reasons including the thought that it lead to mental ...
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Effects of masturbation on Health

There are no relevant researches that links the two things. Moreover, some specialists say that masturbation can prevent, or at least decrease, the risk of develop a prostate cancer. Keep in mind that ...
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Maximum time for symptoms of pregnancy to show up?

9 months / 40 weeks. Multiple stories have been printed over the years of women who discovered they were pregnant only while delivering a baby. Typically these women are overweight and have irregular ...
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Awkward: TWINS, but from DIFFERENT DADS? How rare is heteropaternal superfecundation (statistics)?

From this answer on Biology.SE (given and researched by me): Yes, this is possible through something called heteropaternal superfecundation (see below for further explanation). Of all twin births, ...
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