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Do collagen supplements help ease some of the symtoms of Lupus?

Studies have shown that arthritis (joint inflammation) and arthralgias (joint pain) are reported in up to 95 percent of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). There is currently no ...
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Can a colloid intravascular volume expander be used in chronic orthostatic hypotension?

Albumin is expensive and potentially dangerous, colloids have never been shown to be better than crystalloids, and there is no good evidence for their effective use in orthostatic hypotension. ...
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Are collagen supplements of any use to help prevent or treat a tendinopathy?

Easy answer is simply "we don't know". The burden of proof is on the manufacturer, who probably will never spend the millions to know. But since it is a nutritional agent, one does not have to ...
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What is the bioavailability of collagen?

Gelatin is made up of proteins derived from collagen, a protein that is heavily used in our bones and joints, among other things. According to this study, which was done in rats: The relative and ...
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