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Do the hands fist after a body is hanged?

First off, my condolences on your loss. No one can tell you whether the person was alive when found or if more could be done because that would be pure speculation. We don't have sufficient ...
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How are performers able to "swallow" swords without harming their body?

I had an uncle that could do this trick, and it always amazed me. Perhaps it's obvious, but I should mention that they always use a sword with a dull blade.
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At what age (or what size) is safe to implement the Heimlich maneuver on a child if they are choking?

If someone is truly in need of the Heimlich manoeuvre, that means they are dying and cracked ribs are not a consideration in this case. The same goes for cracked ribs after CPR. However... the ...
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Can esophageal obstruction cause choking?

Severe esophageal obstruction could cause choking via: Regurgitation leading to bronchoaspiration Compression of the adjacent trachea Resuscitation in such a scenario would warrant emergent ...
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Do the hands fist after a body is hanged?

I lost a friend to a hanging suicide about 30 years ago, so I looked into this. I'm not medically trained, so the following is a summary of what I could discover; please check it before relying on it. ...
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How can I tell if a fish bone is stuck in my throat?

It's often difficult to tell the difference between an esophageal abrasion and a foreign body just by how you feel. If you get it checked out and it's just an abrasion, no biggie; if you don't and it'...
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