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Can we develop milder drugs to eliminate hematopoietic stem cells?

Possibly, but "can we" is only really answerable once it's been done; there are lots of things that are within some plausible range of possibility (including those that seem within grasp and ...
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What kind of cell kill probabilities per division you get with chemotherapy?

The average human is rumoured to have around 30,000,000,000,000 cells in their body. Apoptosis kills around 60,000,000,000 cells a day. This is 0.002%, so I imagine a 5% kill rate would be at least ...
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How exactly does induced Scalp Hypothermia prevent alopecia (hair loss) during chemo therapy?

All chemical reactions including killing cancer cells with poisons occur at approximately twice the rate per ten degrees. So reducing the scalp by ten degrees while chemo is occurring will reduce the ...
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Why aren't purine analogs effective in non-hematological malignancies?

It's not a given, that they are not useful in solid tumors (also lymphoma are accounted among the solid tumors). There are pyrimidine-like antimetabolites, e. g. 5-FU:
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Immune system recovery from chemotherapy

This must depend on the type of chemotherapy, and duration of treatment. This study looked at lymphocyte populations after chemotherapy for breast cancer and found RESULTS: Levels of B, T and NK ...
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What are survival rates of male patients in stage IV throat cancer that has metastasised to the lower pallet?

There is a large difference in survival depending on whether the cancer was caused by HPV or ( probably) tobacco/alcohol. The HPV cancers have significantly higher survival rates. I am surprised the ...
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