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If there is such thing as a senescent cell is there such thing as a senescent virus?

No, not really. Cellular senecence is defined as an cessation in division of the cell. Viruses viruses are obligate parasites which don't contain any metabolic pathways themselves and rely on cellular ...
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Diameters of vessels metastases spread through

Studies with high resolution intravital microscopy have shown that cancer cells in circulation can deform and squeeze through vessels as small as capillaries, which are usually 5-10 ┬Ám in diameter. A ...
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Why do we use mEq/L instead of mmol/L to quantify physiological electrolytes?

Good question! When calculating electrolyte activity, mEq is more accurate, because electrolyte activity depends on the amount of charge present. But we still use mmol/L, because mEq = mmol when the ...
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