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How much is green tea really good against tooth decay?

Green tea, or any real tea made from the Camellia sinensis plant, has many advantages as a go-to beverage. It itself does not contain significant amounts of sugar, it has an enamel preserving pH ...
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Ways to reverse a cavity before it goes rotten?

Mainly with fluoridated toothpaste and sugar restriction. See
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Pain relating to Root Canal Treatment

Root canal procedure (RCT) is a common endodontic procedure in dentistry, done when the caries or the infection has reached the pulp. A tooth has two parts- crown and a root. Now going from outside to ...
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What does fluoride toothpaste do to the dentin on the teeth?

This is usually seen in clinical settings: a child is left with an untreated enamel caries. Then the lesion progress and the lesion is cavitated. The dentin then start to react, ocludding the dentinal ...
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What does cavity look like on X ray?

Bottom row, second from the front, right at the gum line. See the darkened wedge-shaped area on the right edge of the tooth in the enlargement below? That is exactly what it looks like: a hole in the ...
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