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Not sure why I didn't think of this earlier, but back pain that is worse at night due to metastatic cancer to the spine is caused by tumor compressing spinal cord when lying on your back. Anything that worsens the compression, such as "when you cough, sneeze or go to the toilet", will also worsen the pain. Source:


The basic structure of tooth consists of Outermost layer, enamel Next layer, dentin Innermost vital, vascularised tissue, pulp Hard tissue layer covering the root ( root doesn't have enamel), i. e. Cementum Reference Now enamel is a non vital tissue, having no cells, and vasculature. Reference Similarly dentin too doesn't have any cells, but has processes ...


Cancers that are derived from blood-related cells can still involve tumor growth - it is wrong to say they do not manifest as solid tumors. Leukemia does not typically manifest as solid tumors and is probably what you were thinking of but is not on your list. Drugs that inhibit angiogenesis can stop/slow the growth of such tumors. Jakob, C., Sterz, J., ...

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