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It is commonly known by plastic surgeons etc that the close association of skin and bone in the shin area leads to poor healing. Anatomical studies suggest that this is caused by the comparative lack of deep perforating vessels. https://www.jprasurg.com/article/0007-1226(81)90061-8/pdf


Baker's cyst typically appears as a single or multiple lump with clearly defined borders, covered by normal skin without discoloration (Google photos of Baker's cysts). Varicose veins behind the knee appear as a net of knotted bluish threads (Photo). Superficial thrombophlebitis can appear as a vague red discoloration without swelling on the lower leg ...


Yes, this is normal behavior for a bruise underneath the nail. (Corroborating information, located near the bottom of the article.) Most bruises under a nail are caused by a crush type injury. In severe cases, there may be enough blood to separate the nail from the nail bed, or it may need professional drainage and treatment (Such as suturing and/or ...

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