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What sort of damage would someone get from a 80ft drop?

First off, she would be killed instantly. There wouldn't be any question of what might kill her "ultimately" because ultimately would be the moment she hit the ground. Yes, there have been people who ...
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What sort of damage would someone get from a 80ft drop?

I agree with @Carey Gregory's answer. I can tell you how a man falling only 30 feet landing on his back on concrete died. A 30 year old male working on the underside (?) of a bridge, unsecured, fell ...
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Exercising a leg with a broken femur

This is a question to ask the surgeon who operated on the leg. Eventually, once the femur heals, you should be able to exercise on it unless there are some unusual individual circumstances. However, ...
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Could hairline fractures be obscured by x-ray images

It is difficult to judge, as we don’t know whether your fracture resulted from an acute direct trauma or whether it is a so called “stress fracture” (due either to an abrupt increase in activity or to ...
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