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Is it safe to cease masturbation for good?

Lifelong abstainance from masterbation is completely safe. As @Noah said in his comment, there are plenty of celibate people out there with no adverse health from their life choice. Even though ...
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How to get rid of insomnia naturally?

Sleep Hygiene. Learn it, try it, and see if it resolves your issue. I've answered this similar question before. Insomnia has different causes. The most common, outside of poor sleep hygiene, is ...
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What are the effects of hyperglycemia

I have written a few blog posts about this topic, to which I will share the links on the topic. In a short-as-possible answer, this is my thinking. Elevated blood glucose, hyperglycemia is extremely ...
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Natural ways to quit smoking

Natural Ways to quit Smoking Candy and Gum. Sucking candy or chewing gum can occupy your mouth and time much the same as cigarettes. Even lollipops can help. The flavor of the gum keeps the mouth ...
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How to get rid of insomnia naturally?

Insomnia is extremely rare in indigenous populations, as mentioned in this article where the sleeping habits of 94 members of the Hadza of Tanzania, the San of Namibia and the Tsimané of Bolivia were ...
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How to deal with oral habit?

I had the same problem, except my go-to was hard candy! The more challenging or exciting the project, the more candy I crunched. Can you say tooth decay, boys and girls? Not to mention the issues ...

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