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Doesn't Intraventricular Catheter placement damage the brain parenchyma? Is this damage significant? How is it avoided/minimised?

Insertion will cause local damage. The more carefully you look, the more there can be to find - small volume bleeding is more common than larger bleeds, and symptomatic injuries are even more unusual. ...
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Why does Delayed Post-hypoxic Leukoencephalopathy (DPHL) have a biphasic clinical course?

The brain is made up of oxygen-demanding gray matter and myelin-covered white matter. Hypoxic events initially damage the gray matter, but myelin is spared. However, new myelin secretion requires ATP-...
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Subconcussive brain trauma

This all falls to a matter of degree - most importantly mechanism of injury. I'll explain the physics in allegorical terms first and then explain as it relates to medicine. The mechanism refers to ...
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