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Race and bone marrow donor search

What was once defined as 'scientific racism' is incompatible with what we know to be science or anthropology. Inter-group differences, supposed to be large in broad terms and used to qualify people, ...
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How can a bone marrow transplant from a donor of a different blood type not get rejected?

You are right that any foreign biological material would normally be attacked by the immune system. That is why people have treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy to erradicate their own ...
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Haemopoiesis (blood cell development) in bone marrow

Image source: cancer .gov. Bone marrow is a semi-solid tissue found within the spongy or cancellous (denoting bone tissue with a meshlike structure containing many pores, typical of the interior of ...
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Haemopoiesis (blood cell development) in bone marrow

It's really simple, your misunderstanding just comes from mixing macro- and microanatomy. Macroscopically, all of bone marrow is located inside the bone, in the medullar cavity. Microscopically, bone ...
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Will donating bone marrow weaken a person's health?

Not really, not in any long term way. The purpose of bone marrow is (Most often) to provide clean slates (The scientific term being "stem cells") for the production of platelets (Helps with blood ...
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Bone marrow donation vs. peripheral blood stem cell transplantation

I'd like to preface with a brief summary of both techniques: Bone marrow donation - The stem cells are removed from a large bone of the donor, typically the pelvis, through a large needle that reaches ...
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