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Why is BMI related to the square of height?

I'm aware that the U.S. CDC defines BMI (Body Mass Index) as mass (in kg) divided by height squared (in meters squared.) The CDC then defines what ranges are considered underweight, healthy, or ...
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What is the error on various body fat percentages?

I'm aware of two body fat percentage formulas I'm using to track my own health, both described here: the US Navy method which takes into account your waist, neck, and height (and hips for women); and ...
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How to calculate Skeletal Muscle Ratio(%)(SMR%) statistically by using formula(without using weighing machine or any online calculators)?

How are we supposed to calculate individual's Skeletal Muscle Ratio in percentage(SMR %) if we have results of an individual that includes: age gender weight height BMI and BMR? I have researched a ...
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Values of Body Hydration Values to calibrate the readings of Galvanic skin response sensor

I am trying to make a circuit to implement a Galvanic skin response sensor to measure the skin resistance and then use it to find the skin conductance. Then, I wish to calibrate these readings with ...
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Is bmi a good indicator of health

My BMI is 30.4 and it says I am obese. But I dont look obese. One doctor was surprised at my high BMI value. She said maybe I have high bone density or something. So my questions are: Does a high ...
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How much would a man 9'6" (3m) tall likely weigh?

There are NBA players 7 feet (2.15m) tall who appear relatively slim and yet weigh 300 pounds (136kg) and more. Is there a "rule of thumb" for estimating how much a man of greater height would weigh? ...
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What is the formula for the Smart Body Mass Index?

The formula for the standard body mass index is mass divided by the square of height, where mass is in kilograms and height is in metres. It has been criticised in that its variation with height may ...
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Understanding the weight difference between two brothers

There are two adult brothers, 5 years apart. The weight difference between them is minor, but remarkable and incomprehensible given the circumstances. As we cannot come up with a plausible explanation,...
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Considering obesity using BMI

Why is it that medical assessments on obesity is based on BMI when BMI scales are inaccurate? Take for example Phillip Heath (Mr. Olympia 2016) Height: 5’9″ Competition Weight: 250 lbs This ...
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Which kind of muscle has greatest resting metabolic rate; big muscle, or strong muscle?

Due to scientific reports it is held that muscles have an important affect on fat burn, but would the rate be different to big, and to strong muscles? In other words, which type of muscle burn most ...
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How to measure body fitness

I am wondering if here is any clue/algorithm/generally well recognized equation to measure body fitness according to/considering average daily/periodic step count data, walking distance, sports and ...
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Does excercise increase body mass?

I am a somewhat skinny 16 year old. I am 48KG and 167cm tall. I try and eat as much as I can to gain body mass and not have stick man arms etc. I still am not getting much body mass. If I go to the ...
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Has anyone sucessfully gained weight?

I have been to many doctors, all of them said "It is your biotype." or "There is nothing wrong with you, but if you want you could take Whey Protein". I would like to know of people that were ...
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What relation, if any, exists between height and erectile dysfunction?

For a given BMI, how does height affect erectile dysfunction? I'm curious because height is associated with better cardiovascular health in some studies.
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