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Surgery of the hemorrhoid or other veins

What happens when a blood vessel is cut during surgery? Blood vessels (not just veins, but arteries also) are transected (cut), ligated (tied off), and/or cauterized (burned closed) in just about ...
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How is blood cleared from the body after internal bleeding

After internal bleeding, the blood serum from the blood can be reabsorbed back into the circulation (capillaries), and the blood cells can be phagocytosed by macrophages. The blood serum from the ...
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Which vessel could a pumping vessel in the left middle side of forehead be?

Map of the superficial arteries (the arteries close beneath the skin), taken from ClinicalGate, which I believe they have taken from Gray's Anatomy for Students Map of the deeper arteries, ibid I'm ...
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Isolating blood vessels and vasculature of the heart?

Yes, this can basically be accomplished via plastination, whereby they replace the normal water in tissue with a form of silicone. You can use it on virtually any kind of tissue; first time I walked ...
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Sensitization and Ischaemia

Increased vascular permeability means fluid leaks more readily from blood vessels. That leakage builds up in the surrounding tissue, which causes edema. The edema squeezes veins, thereby compressing ...
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