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Is it possible to change person's blood group?

Yes, it is possible. In a bone marrow transplant, all of the patient's bone marrow is destroyed and replaced with donor marrow. Since red blood cells are created by bone marrow, the donor's blood type ...
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Is O positive male compatible (fertility wise) with AB positive female?

This is something to be confirmed by your doctor and I'm not sure why you're worried, but ABO blood group incompatibilities between the mother and child does not usually cause hemolytic disease of ...
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What happens when you put O+ blood in O- body

Kinda interesting question IMHO, let me break it down a little. First, let's tackle the ABO system. Here you are transfusing O into O, so that would be perfectly fine. Secondly, the is the Rhesus ...
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Are there any other probabilities for an O blood typed kid other than O & O parents?

If a child has blood type O, it means both his alleles are recessive (since A and B are dominant over O); one of them he gets from their mother, and the other one from their father. That means that ...
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What approaches can I take to find out my blood type and Rhesus factor?

Donate blood. Blood donation is free. If you are a healthy individual who is eligible to donate blood, for example to the American Red Cross, they will need to test your blood for basic type (ABO and ...
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What are the implications of having weak A or B blood?

The article The importance of weak ABO subgroups has a section on this, in addition to general information on what weak subgroups are. All quotes in this answer areas from that study. Weak blood ...
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Revealing a murderer based on a genetic condition

I'm writing a story, in which the detective will recognize a prescription for the victim is for relief of some genetic condition. You wanted to be realistic: In the autopsy report (after any murder, ...
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How can a bone marrow transplant from a donor of a different blood type not get rejected?

You are right that any foreign biological material would normally be attacked by the immune system. That is why people have treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy to erradicate their own ...
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Do fetuses' blood types ever cause Graft versus Host in the mother?

Very rarely, The AB father plus O mother scenario you describe can cause a disease: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemolytic_disease_of_the_newborn_(ABO) More commonly, Rh-positive father plus Rh-...
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Take different blood components from different people

There are no stupid ideas, this is a very good question. Unfortunately the answer is you can't do this - what determines the blood type is the presence of antigens on the surface of red blood cells. ...
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