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How long does it take for a body to get rid of blood clots and bubbles inside a cannula?

First, notice that bubbles are stopped by the drip chamber on the IV, or if there's an infusion pump instead of a drip chamber, the pump itself will detect it and stop the flow. If there is a small ...
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How likely is intracranial thrombophlebitis after nasal hair removal and is there an increased risk for inhaling harmful substances?

1) How likely is intracranial thrombophlebitis after nasal hair removal? Cavernous sinus thrombosis (Stat Pearls, 2019) after nasal hair removal (or from any cause) seems to be rare but possible: ....
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Is it true that I can't consume citric foods while on Warfarin?

First of all and above all we cannot give medical advice which is contrary to what is recommended by your doctor. If you have any concerns about your medication, please seek the advice of your ...
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Would it make sense to use aspirin as a prophylactic against covid-related blood clotting?

Till now probably there is no evidence of whether we should use aspirin alone in Covid 19 patients to prevent blood clot unless he is suffering from some cardiovascular disorder . This may be ...
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Why does a rise in cAMP potentiate PGI2?

Basically, the signal transduction pathway of PGI2 involves a Gs protein. This Gs protein involves the increase in cAMP (through adenylate cyclase; I am assuming you know the signal transduction ...
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In sepsis what therapies are used to reduce the over-reaction of the immune system?

for now there is no specific immunotherapy for the treatment sepsis (defined as sepsis-3.0); the main treatment for severe sepsis is supportive in the intensive care unit. some medicine such as ...
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How to determine between a Baker's Cyst and a Deep-Vein-Thrombosis (DVT) behind knee?

Baker's cyst typically appears as a single or multiple lump with clearly defined borders, covered by normal skin without discoloration (Google photos of Baker's cysts). Varicose veins behind the knee ...
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Procoagulant salve/cream/gel?

Depending on your definition of "wound" you could consider a styptic pencil. It's generally used for nicks and small cuts, such as you get while shaving. Most drugstores sell them or you can order ...
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Are There Reliable Sulfur-Based Blood-Clotting Products That Target Internal Bleeding

The "sulfur" based powder you are referring to is sulfonamide which was an antimicrobial, not a clotting agent. It's not sulfur based, but is often called "sulfa", which is where you may be thinking ...
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