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Are color-blind and blind individuals able to dream in color?

Humans (and many mammals, for that matter) are not born knowing how to use our eyes. During the first month we can only discern vague shapes and shadows beyond much more than a foot or so, though some ...
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How does a blind person react to hallucinogenic drugs

I guess the best way would be to convince a blind person to take some psilocybin mushrooms or LSD. Perhaps they would actually see some fractals and stuff, since those visions are generated in the ...
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How many different dialects of sign-language are there? And braille for the blind? Is it a different system for each language?

This question sounds more appropriate for the Linguistics SE. I'll answer it here anyhow. ASL is based on French Sign Language, the first sign language teacher came from France. AFAIK, the Franch ...
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How does a blind person react to hallucinogenic drugs

There are TONS of trip reports on various sites—namely Reddit, Erowid, and DMT-Nexus. And while much of this is anecdotal evidence, one could do a lit review of these as a first step toward a more ...
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