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How to do laundry to kill and prevent athlete's foot fungus?

A scholarly report discusses the matter Some years ago, a scholarly report was published. The report's "Appendix A" discusses, among other things, how to clean your laundry if there's a risk ...
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Is bleach residue (after evaporation) safe?

In the UK most bleach contains NaOH and NaClO. The hypochlorite (which is the bit that does the bleaching) breaks down to common salt and free oxygen. The hydroxide doesn't. So it's possible you are ...
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Is bleach residue (after evaporation) safe?

In its manufacturing process, hypochlorite bleach begins as salt and water. After use, the compound breaks down mainly into salt and water during or quickly after use. So it's table salt left behind, ...
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How can I obtain "activated oxygen bleach"? I hear that it can help people to disinfect their laundry.‚Äč

Summary OxiClean products don't contain a bleach activator, so they aren't very good at disinfecting laundry. Here are a few popular products which include activated oxygen bleach: In the US, you ...

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