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How to remove the yellow stains from my teeth?

There are a few aspects that need to be addressed. 1) Diet & Oral habits: Often, drinks with natural or artificial coloring will stain the surface of the enamel and any tartar (calcified plaque) ...
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Possible to whiten teeth beyond natural color without veneers?

There is no healthy way. Whitening/bleaching do not change the shape of your teeth but alas, dentine doe not bleach well, if at all (it just gets more sensitive to temperature change). Veneers done ...
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How do whitening mouthwashes work?

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing bleach. It reacts chemically with the types of molecules that contribute to color. So, it doesn't really remove stains, nor does it coat anything, but it does make ...
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Does tea tree oil acutally whiten teeth?

I have not found any whitening properties of tea tree oil but it can help prevent tooth discolouration and I have seen toothpaste with tea tree oil sold in shops. Jain et al. (2014) states: Tea tree ...
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Can Charcoal Toothpaste/Powder Whiten a Slight Fracture-Line on a Tooth?

Being an very mild abrasive charcoal is indeed used since ancient times to clean teeth. This behaviour is seen among the natives of Africa and Digitalia even now. Examples for recent use in Africa: ...
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