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Outcomes after uterine rupture

What are the outcomes of uterine rupture? Treatment of uterine rupture is surgical. Goals are stopping the hemorrhage, delivering the baby, and repairing the uterus if possible. The range of risks ...
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Risks for VBAC vs repeat Cesarean

This question is difficult to answer because risk discussions are individualized. Instead of answering, I will point you to reliable resources to guide your discussion with your OB. One great ...
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What is the fetal viability of a full-term birth baby?

The concept of fetal viability is really only relevant when discussing premature infants. You are correct that the wikipedia figures are difficult to interpret. They come from this website, which is ...
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What effect would a sperm containing XX have on a ovum and fetus?

Well, neglecting anything but the pure genetics' basics, yes, the XX mother will in any case transfer her X chromosome, just like the assumed "XX father", so the only possible genotype for the child ...
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How would a newborn infant reflexively breathing react to rescue breaths administered correctly after birth?

If the cord is the only reason that prevents the baby to start breathing spontaneously and the baby is otherwise healthy then the situation could resolve as you assumed. Two breaths could suffice, ...
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Is a vaginal birth still medically preferable over a c-section?

If we are assuming that there is no valid reason1 for a c-section, a c-section is obsolete per definition. Any operation has risks and strains the body: The anesthesia, the cutting of the body to name ...
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