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Citrate vs EDTA

I'm not familiar with using citrate or EDTA as an anticoagulant in medical care (i.e. as a drug). However, it is often used in blood sampling tubes so that the blood sample does not clot. As to ...
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Interpreting DXA results myself

I definitely agree with you, to not bother with bioelectrical impedance devices as they really are not worth that much. The dexa scan readouts I have seen in America are pretty straight forward. They ...
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Why is predicted FVC calculated on height only (and not weight)?

Predicted Normal Values Many studies have published lung function reference values for a variety of race/ ethnic groups, countries, and age ranges. Populations of interest are sampled and spriometric ...
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Is there a safe way to increase bones length?

As an adult, no, there's no safe way to lengthen your bones. The epiphyseal plates at the ends of your bones have ossified, so hormonal treatments have nothing to operate on. There is a technique ...
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Multi-parameters monitors: pediatric vs. adult mode

Using this monitoring device on children in adult mode would not give wrong results. I can see two reasons for using a different mode: Normal values for pulse and BP are different between adult and ...
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