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How long should you wait after lunch if you want to take a bath, and why?

Is it true that one shouldn't take a bath after lunch? No. That's a long hold myth, nothing more. Although it might have all the pedagogical value of scare stories in general: So telling kids they ...
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Not taking bath or shower when sick

Is there any evidence that taking a bath or shower when sick has negative effects? This is quite interesting because I've heard MANY patients with this same belief. Some people believe that bathing ...
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Does a hot bath effect fertility in men?

Closely Related to: What is the latest evidence on underwear affecting sperm count? Elevated temperatures are thought to decrease sperm counts in males. Elevated temperatures ...
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How often should I shower?

There is no official medical advice on this matter, taking regular showers doesn't yield any known health benefits. Except for certain specialized professions e.g. in the medical field where you need ...
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Water and wrinkled skin. Is being under water for long dangerous?

Wrinkling is an adaptative response of the skin, allowing for better grasp on objects when the skin is wet. The skin is a barrier of stacked cells mostly made of keratin and lipids. It is covered in ...
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