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Are population-related conclusions obtained from autopsy applicable to the general population?

Every sample is biased. The question is whether these samples are meaningfully biased in a way that would like affect these results. Yes, those getting a head MRI likely have some symptoms related to ...
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Signs of Anoxia?

While theoretically hemoglobine-free blood may be "clear", it would probably be more of a milky color (have a look here for how a platelet transfusion looks like:
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What drugs can keep you awake for long time?

The most popular drug that can keep people awake for long time is caffeine. Most caffeine pills contain a 200mg dose, about the same as the average 12-ounce cup of coffee.
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How is it determined that someone died from "air polution"?

Your question can basically be extended to all studies related to statistics. In simple terms you are generally looking for a relationship (e.g. between an increased number of deaths and air pollution ...
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