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How to do laundry to kill and prevent athlete's foot fungus?

A scholarly report discusses the matter Some years ago, a scholarly report was published. The report's "Appendix A" discusses, among other things, how to clean your laundry if there's a risk ...
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What causes smelly feet?

This is an interesting question. You are certainly not an isolated case. The "origin" of foot odor has been examined in many studies. This study conducted by Marshall et al focused on the microflora ...
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Why is Lamisil Once (terbinafine film-forming solution) marketed for athlete's foot, but not for jock itch or ringworm?

After you apply Lamisil Once, it forms a medicated film. If you're careful, the film can remain on your skin for up to 72 hours. This will help to make sure that the optimal amount of medication will ...
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How can I obtain "activated oxygen bleach"? I hear that it can help people to disinfect their laundry.‚Äč

Summary OxiClean products don't contain a bleach activator, so they aren't very good at disinfecting laundry. Here are a few popular products which include activated oxygen bleach: In the US, you ...

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