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Is it normal for it to take more than 3 weeks to get used to astigmatism correcting glasses?

Is it common or realistic in the optometry industry to suggest to someone that it may take 6 weeks to adjust to new glasses?
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Help reading an eyeglass prescription: What does "PL" or "PC" mean?

I'm trying to purchase glasses online but I cannot figure out what the Spherical value is for the left eye (OS).
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What effects would aspheric contact lenses have on eyes without astigmatism?

Aspheric lenses are used for treatment of astigmatism. I am curious what effects might happen if they were used by someone without an astigmatism. What effects would it have on visual acuity? ...
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What causes the cornea to change shape in astigmatism?

I was diagnosed with astigmatism last summer, I've never had any noticeable vision problems before (I'm 20 years old). The shift from fine to terrible happened quite fast. I've visited an eye doctor, ...
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