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How does apnea trigger the urge to breathe?

Medulla is the part of brain which controls respiration. There is a special chemosensitive area in ventrolateral medulla which has chemoreceptors to detect increased CO2 or Hydrogen ions in brain ...
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Are all Infants' Aquatic Instincts lost after 7ish months? Can they be maintained if skills are utilized often?

Introduction First of all, the study should not be trusted too much. Thirty six test subjects does not seem very much to me in order to make such a claim. However, &AtlLED's opinion in the ...
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How does apnea trigger the urge to breathe?

The term for "high CO2" is "partial CO2 pressure (PaCO2)". During hypoxemia -a condition that commonly occurs during apneas- arterial PaCO2 is increased, and arterial PaO2 ...
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