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Does Benadryl (=diphenhydramine) lead to tolerance? Can I use it to help with sleep?

First generation H1-antihistamines (such as diphenhydramine = Benadryl) are well known for their sedative effects explaining their limited use in patients with allergic rhinitis. Several ...
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Is any anticholinergic necessarily antihistamine?

Anticholinergic medications are called this way because they block transmission via the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. To be more precise, there are different types of acetylcholine receptors: ...
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What increases Histamine in the body?

Yep. Try spoiled fish. Histamine Poisoning (Scombroid Fish Poisoning): An Allergy-Like Intoxication Histamine poisoning results from the consumption of foods, typically certain types of ...
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Long term effects of an allergy pill? Loratadine

The most common side effect of loratadine is headache which has been reported in up to 12 percent of users. Other common side effects include drowsiness occurring in 8 percent of users, fatigue in 4 ...
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Do antihistamines slow down the healing process of a bite/wound?

On histamine: Histamine causes vasodilation, not vasoconstriction. The amount of histamine blocking agents ingested largely will not counteract the whole effect of histamine, however it may prevent ...
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Does less histamine in receptors mean less appetite?

That's not how receptors work. Receptors for hormones, neurotransmitters, etc. convey some biochemical signal. The strength of histamine signal is given by the presence of available receptors (i.e., ...
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Bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol) vs. Dimenhydrate (Gravol)

Bismuth subsalicylate and antihistamines have different mechanisms of actions, so one drug is appropriate for some and another for other conditions with nausea. Bismuth subsalicylate can "soothe" the ...
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Taking Benadryl after Claritin

Benadryl (aka diphenhydramine) is strongly anticholinergic1. That means it blocks acetylcholine activity in the body's cells. It does this by binding with the cells' acetylcholine receptors, which ...
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