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Bacterial growth inhibitors used in Deodorants

Just as aluminium compounds such as: Aluminium chlorohydrate, Aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine, and Aluminium hydroxybromid are the antiperspirant active ingredient in deodourants, ...
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Blue cheese antibiotics

Well, yes, but don't worry. New antibiotics that are active against resistant bacteria are required. Bacteria have lived on the Earth for several billion years. During this time, they encountered ...
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When taking antibiotics, does every single germ have to die?

No, you do not have to kill every single (targeted) germ. Often antibiotics are bacteriostatic which means they do not kill the germs but stop them from reproducing. Your immune system then does the ...
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Resistance of Bacteria to Antibiotics after fall-back

First of all, nothing is immune to anything, just resistant, and resisitance itself varies. If you develop a bacterial or viral disease, your body will develop antibodies against it. This makes you ...
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