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If alcohol and coffee are both diuretics -- why do so many intoxicated ppl drink coffee to sober up? Dehydration concern.

No, nothing will "sober up" a drunk; only time does that. What coffee does is provide caffeine, a stimulant. The stimulant effects will increase alertness, but they will do nothing for perception, ...
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Eating ice-cream for breakfast may improve mental performance & alertness? Legit?

That study does indeed exist, and several outlets (1, 2, 3, 4) refer to it. It was conducted by Yoshihiko Koga, a japanese psychiatrist and professor at Kyorin University. It was originally cited, but ...
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Keeping a heavily bleeding patient awake. Why?

No! With brain injuries, it is not recommended anymore to keep patients awake because people with a concussion need to sleep to recover. In the days before head CT scanning was widely available, ...
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How to keep my brain active and alert in natural always

For activity you need energy, try eating foods that contain polysaccharides. That's what athletes eat before triathlon. Reference : Monosaccharides help ...
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