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Do all very old people have heart failure?

Maybe. Depends on the 95-year old... and the 25-year old. A heart failure diagnosis isn't just the process of getting older; it has objective criteria. I expect most 95-year olds would score above ...
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Do all very old people have heart failure?

Can aging of the heart be equivalent to having (mild) heart failure? Absolutely. A large part of aging is the process of telomeres shortening with each cell division, making our DNA more vulnerable. ...
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Is it possible lengthen telomeres or increase the Hayflick limit in humans?

Nutrition and physical activity directly influence the telomerase activity. Telomerase is the enzyme responsible for telomere synthesis by attaching nucleotides to the chromosome ends. Healthy diet ...
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Best healthy lifestyle habits to reach old age with optimal health?

Well, this is a big question to tackle considering there are so many different strategies that people take. I'll address the question of maintaining 'optimal health to old age' according to the ...
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Do big people age faster?

What you mean by "big people"? Obese? Very tall but not obese (BMI in proper range)? My answer for obese: probably they do age faster, but this is not so easy to prove as we lack measurement tools to ...
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