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When do you stop Minocycline/Spirnolactone prior to start of Accutane?

This is a very interesting, yet tricky, question. The reason you must stop taking the minocycline is because of the interaction between tetracyclines (minocycline) and vitamin A (Retinoic acid) ...
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Does Mirena IUD help with acne control too? Is it safe to take concurrently with Accutane?

When someone is considering to take 2 drugs both of which can have severe side effects, he/she should discuss this with a doctor, so this part of the question CANNOT be properly answered here. Mirena ...
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Why are multiple courses of isotretinoin necessary to treat acne?

To clarify the block quotes you posted, muscle soreness is a rare negative side effect of isotretinoin. It is believed that the effects of isotretinoin depend on the cumulative dose you have received (...
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