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Are there viruses which can spread from humans to animals, but cannot spread from animals to humans? [closed]

It had already been proven that felines can be infected with COVID-19 from exposure to infected humans. However authorities are currently saying that there isn't evidence of the opposite happening - ...
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What have been the most lethal zoonotic disease in recent years?

Zoonotic diseases like covid-19 arise from an animal host which then often passes it to another animal host where it gets amplified to create sufficient viral load to jump to humans. eg. Bat droppings ...
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Are respirators a better option to prevent infection? [closed]

Are respirators a better alternative to surgical or n95 masks when it comes to preventing infection by the 2019 ncov virus?
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Can I continue to eat a cereal my cat ate out of?

So this morning I eating cereal (lucky charms) and the batteries to my remote were running low so I went to go change them, leaving my cereal in my room. When I came back my kitten around 3 or 4 ...
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Can a pet dog be a carrier of chickenpox?

Can a pet dog be a carrier of chickenpox after contact with a person who has currently suffered chickenpox?
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