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Transmission of COVID-19 through domesticated animals

This is an exploratory question. If a COVID-19 infected person (person is unaware that he is infected) milks the cow for couple of days, is there a possibility of him infecting the cow thereby ...
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Can I continue to eat a cereal my cat ate out of?

So this morning I eating cereal (lucky charms) and the batteries to my remote were running low so I went to go change them, leaving my cereal in my room. When I came back my kitten around 3 or 4 ...
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How Close to Fecal Matter is Unhealthy

I hope this is the appropriate place to ask such a question and I've Googled this thought but have come back empty handed so wanted to run it by the stack exchange community. Can I catch any diseases ...
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Are arsenic levels in poultry a health concern?

(While eating some turkey) I recently found out that poultry farmers routinely use a powerful, arsenic-based antibiotic called "Roxarsone" to treat their livestock. Obviously, injecting arsenic into ...
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Stray cat scratch - tetanus?

My mother was scratched by a stray cat that lives in our apartment basement two days ago (when she was going out for a walk). Long story short, after about thirty minutes of walking, she noticed the ...
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